All Photos on this site are © Jan Collett 2003-2010

All prints and digital photos retain copyright by Jan Collett however, any digital images supplied on CD/DVD may be reproduced as many times as you wish for personal use (including printing at home, emailing to friends or posting on a personal web blog). Permission is granted for photos to be submitted to professional publications or organisations only for the purpose of sale of your horse or dog or other animal from the same bloodline. Where possible and practical, when using photos, please provide photo credit (e.g. photo by Jan Collett).

For any other use of photos, please contact me for written copyright release.

Prints are available in the sizes specified on the downloadable Order Form; if you require other sizes, please email me with your requirements. Large prints such as A3+ may be available. Odd sizes and crops are also available.

Most of the photos you see in the web albums have already been somewhat cropped. Prints will be cropped approximate to what you see and very basic retouching such as straightening of horizons, simple spot removal, basic lightening/darkening can be accomplished.

Digital files are provided as 8 x 12 inch dimension at 300 dpi in a lossless TIFF format and a medium compression JPEG format; also a 560 pixel at 72 dpi (suitable for web/email).

Orders may be emailed to me and a confirmation proof sheet will be emailed back with instructions for direct deposit; order should be able to be Express-posted within 1 week.

Orders may be mailed with a cheque or money order and should be able to Express-posted within 2 weeks.

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